Thursday, 23 March 2017

Understanding Colour - Introduction

Colour is an important part of painting, in fact it is one of the Elements of Art. How you use colour can affect your painting. With colour, you can create a mood – hot vs. cool; agitated vs. calm. You can define your point of interest by surrounding your point of interest with contrasting colours.

Understanding colours and how they react to each other is important. To understand your colours is by making colour charts.

You can buy charts such as a colour wheel, a colour matching charts and colour mixing charts. These charts that I have are from The Color Wheel Company 
(no affiliate relationship to me. Just happenstance.) There is a lot of useful information available on these charts.

You of course, create your own charts. This series will help you with this by providing you with templates as well as instructions in how to use what you have learned. 

If you don’t have one already then may I suggest that you get a colour wheel. This is by far the most useful of the purchased charts.

Next week we will be working through values of the various colours.


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