Friday, 31 March 2017

How-To Friday – Drawing – Contour and Gesture

Happy Friday. Today we are exploring drawing – contour and gesture. The contour drawing can be blind contour (no looking at the drawing) or a contour drawing where you do look at the paper. These drawings are not great and could be and probably will be ugly! The purpose of these exercises is to improve eye/hand coordination.

These three are by LZM Studio, LLC

Seeing the blind contour | Ian Sklarsky | TEDxCapeTown by TEDx Talks


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Understanding Colour – Value

Value in art refers to the darks and lights in paintings. The value of colours used in a painting affects the emotions of the viewers. It can direct your attention to the focal point.

Colour and value are powerful. The greater the range in value the more realistic things will appear. The contrast of value helps separate the objects in your painting.

In watercolour painting the paper is the lightest light/white.
Today we will be creating a colour value scale. This is more of a modified value scale as it doesn’t go the full range to the blacks.

I have created a template of a value scale to make it easier to work though this exercise. I have also created a template of the painting I used in this exercise. You can find the value scale template and the tree stump template here. These are free downloads. After printing them, transfer them to your paper using graphite paper. When learning to paint with watercolour use proper watercolour paper. I suggest using 140lb cold press to start out with.

This is the finished exercise. I have done it in watercolour using Burnt Sienna. The darkest value is the pure colour right out of the tube. The lighter values are created by adding water. If you wish to do this exercise in acrylic or oils then create the lighter values by adding white. Try this exercise with a variety of colours.