Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why it’s important to do a test run

Hi, it’s me.

I’m working on developing a lesson plan based on one of my paintings – a mixed media piece using tissue paper. Since I no longer have the same material, I gathered up some alternate tissue paper. Before jumping into the painting, I did a test run of applying the various tissue papers I selected. I first applied a decorative sheet of patterned vellum and I wanted to make sure that the vellum adhered properly. It did however, the decorative pattern disappeared.
The dye from the royal blue tissue paper bled onto the paper and the colour stayed on the foam brush and transferred to the next tissue I applied.

I did overcome the disappearing decorative paper by applying the vellum over a darker colour and it looks good.

This is the pattern I selected and this is how it turned out.

Lessons Learned
1. Always do a test run.
2. Use a clean brush.
3. Keep trying.


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