Friday, 8 November 2013

How-To Friday’s – Painting Snow

The Stacy of the ACEO Challenge blog is hosting a Swap. The theme of this Swap is Winter/Snow/Christmas. If you are interested in joining the swap send your name and address to Stacy at the email address provided in her posting.

In since the swap involves snow, I thought that would a good topic for today’s posting.

There is a nice article on the Artists Loft website called “Making Snow Sparkle” How to layer watercolor to make snow look bright white. It was written by William H. Hays; The Artist's Magazine, February 1992. It is still relevant today.

Deb Watson shows "How To Paint Snow Scenes inWatercolor". In this demo, she paints with a limited palette using only four colours.

Also, in an earlier posting on Creating Texture with Salt, Lee Pierce commented that Salt is a good way to imitate falling snow in a winter landscape. Give that a try!
Work in Progress - Acrylic


Magic Love Crow said...

Salt?? That is really interesting! I love your work in progress!!!

Pam of alwaysartistic said...

Beautiful WIP! I love how snow looks in paintings!