Friday, 13 September 2013

How-to Friday's - Painting with two colours

I found an excellent video of creating a painting using only two colours.You can obtain a wide range of different mixes and values using just two colours. Roy Simmons uses ultramarine blue and burnt umber to create a landscape.

Below is one of my paintings using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.

I have also charted the range of mixes you can get from Thalo Green and Alizarin Crimson.


Ayala Art said...

That is one of my favorite green colors! SO intense it stains everything, but so beautiful!

Christine Bennett said...

You always make watercolours look so easy Chris! I like the colour chart...I had no idea that you could get that range of colours (or, at least in watercolour - acrylic is a little different). It really helps to make and keep colour charts. Have a great week!

paint1chris said...

Thanks Christine.