Friday, 27 September 2013

How-To Friday's - Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric Perspective: refers to creating a sense of depth in painting by imitating the way the atmosphere makes distant objects appear less distinct and more bluish than they would be if nearby. Also known as Aerial perspective.

MeredithSteele provides a visual explaination of Atmospheric Perspective which is easily understood.
Atmospheric Perspective
  • Colours become greyed down with distance (to grey colours down, mix that colour with its compliment)
  • Warm colours advance while cool colours recede.
  • The closer objects are more distinct and detailed.
  • Objects closer to the viewer show greater value contrast than those in the distance.
  • Put the strongest contrast in your centre of interest.
  • Highlights, white tones and light areas generally move toward the viewer while shaded areas recede.
  • The value of an object is determined not only by its own tones, but by the tones that surround it. To darken an object, for example, you can lighten its surroundings.
Here you can see that warm colours come forward and cooler colours recede.

Arizona, Watercolours

Heptonstall in England, Oil


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