Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Voting on a painting

I entered a painting in a very small contest - there are only three of us in this category Pine. There are two other categories Snow and Fireplace. The contest is sponsored by Koh-I-Noor on Facebook. To vote on a painting in this category or the other two categories, you need to Like the Koh-I-Noor page and then Like the painting of your choice.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Experiment Using Woodless Pencils

I found this mini grater at our local thrift shop.

I was reading the Chartpak blog and saw a technique I wanted to try – with some alterations. I did two versions one using watercolour and the second one using acrylics. The woodless coloured pencils and an acrylic medium are also used. For tools you will need your paint brushes – one for watercolour and one for acrylics; a grater and a pencil sharpener and something to hold the shavings in.

I drew a pear on both pages – (140lbs watercolour paper – cold press) and drew a line down the centre. They were both done in a wet-in-wet technique.
I painted one of the pears with watercolour. While the paint was still wet, I grated the woodless pencil directly over half of the pear: the gratings on that half of the pear that flowed and moved with the water. I let the other half of the pear dry and then painted the medium over the wet medium. The gratings remained where they landed.

I repeated the steps above but used an acrylic paint – a wet-in-wet watercolour technique. I again grated the woodless pencil over one half of the pear. Even though I used the wet-in-wet watercolour technique, the gratings stayed where they landed.

I allowed the paint to dry and then painted an acrylic medium over the other half of the pear. While the medium was still wet, I grated the woodless pencil over that half. Again the gratings stayed where they landed.

Regardless of which paint is used they both require a fixative/sealer on top.
I preferred the watercolour pear – without the medium.