Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ACEO Swap - Mermaids

One of the groups I belong to ACEO Etsy Street Team sponsored an ACEO swap. The theme was mermaids. I decided to join the swap and thought I would blog about how I did my card. With this in mind, I completely forgot to take photographs for the step-by-step progress. So now I need to make sure that I’m totally clear in my instructions.

I took a piece of paper towels and separated the plies. Using metallic paint in copper and peridot, I painted the one of the plies of paper towel. When the paint was dry, I cut out the shape of the tail end of the mermaid and then glued it to my card with matte medium. My card already had a background on it that I did last year during the winter – Ice Painting. I then painted in the mermaid’s back. Once that was dry, I placed some moulding paste over part of the mermaid’s body to make it look like it was in the water. I added some blue and white for the water and then to finish it off, I added some glitz with glimmering fabric paint.

To do the Ice Painting background you need to have a cold winter. It needs to be cold enough for the paint to freeze while it is mingling but not too cold that I freezes before I gets a chance to mingle. Timing is everything. Use a 90lb hot press watercolour paper. Have some spray bottles of three different colours of watered down acrylic paint and a spray bottle of clear water. Spray the paper with the water and then with the various colours. Pick the paper up and move the paint around while it is mingling. Then go inside and warm up. The paint freezes while it dries and will hold the lovely texture that Mother Nature created.


Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow love to read how you did the mermaid. I never would have guessed it! It is beautiful!


Ayala Art said...

It looks so beautiful in person! No picture can make it justice.

Shelle said...

Now your secret is out!!! Just beautiful, I looked at it today on the 'swap' page and wondered how you created her, then when going though some messages today found the link here : ) it's just lovely!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you for sharing your technique! Your work is amazing!