Saturday, 4 April 2009

Scavenger Hunt

One of the teams I belong to on Etsy is the Original Artists on Etsy. This weekend, we are featuring a contest in the form of a scavenger hunt.

Join the fun! Put on your thinking caps, do a little sleuthing and find the treasure! Well, maybe not a treasure chest, but a darn nice reward! Find the clues in our team member stores and they will lead you to your reward. If you are the first to correctly identify the object and post a comment with the listing number, on our team blog at, you will win it. Along the way, check out our stores and tell us what is your favourite item and who's shop it is in. A list of our members can be found at

Here is my clue for the hunt.

..... It's home to clowns, and I'm not just fishin' around.....

For more clues go to