Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wood Carving an update

I started word carving in November of last year. I have been steadily learning about the craft from the other members. This is the biggest project that I have been working on. It is a relief carving. You may recognize the design from one of my paintings. It takes quite a lot of time to do this type of carving. This is still not finished. I’ve taken some time off to take a small course on caricature carving. I’ll show you my results when I finish the course.


Dan Felstead said...

WOW...this looks really hard. I do woodworking as a hobby but have never been able to carve. My does does a bit but I guess I have never taken to the time to learn the art. Good luck and do post the finished product.

Dan said...

very nice..
can't wait to see more
mona & the girls