Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My February Art Trip - A Free Workshop

Did you ever want to take a workshop but couldn’t afford one? Well here is how you can take one – visit your local library! Your library will have many many videos on many different subjects, including painting.

My art trip today was to workshop in painting portraits in oil Steps to a Likeness: Oil Portraits with professional artist, Perri Sparks. The workshop is reduced to 1 hour and 46 minutes long showing the important aspects of the techniques being taught. I’m sitting on my nice comfortable couch not a hard chair. I’m not missing any of these techniques by scribbling down notes. I can stop and start the video at any time and rewatch any part of the video or rewatch the whole video.

My trip to the library also provided me with an art history art trip and an art cultural trip. Three art trips with one visit to the library.

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Penguen said...

Awesome idea! I love watching painting videos on youtube but it's much harder to find ones that teach me something new. I'm not sure my library will be very well stocked but it's worth a try.