Friday, 21 November 2008

My November Art Trip - An Art Show and Woodcarving

I went on two art trips this month one this past Sunday and then the second one on Wednesday. The first was to an art show and sale that an artist/teacher friend of mine, Janet Cardinal, hosted. It was showing some of her artwork and that of her students work. The paintings were beautiful! I bought some small note cards done by one of her students, J. Forster.

My second art trip was to a woodcarving club. I got to try my hand at carving and was given a little bit of instruction from one of the members. I really enjoyed it and I think I will be going back and joining the club myself. I need to buy the special gloves they use to prevent cutting myself! You have to use your imagination to picture what I’m trying to carve here…one is a feather and the other is a face…don’t laugh too hard ‘kay?

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