Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Vacation – What can I take with me?

I’m taking a trip at the end of the week and I’m taking some of my painting supplies; but which ones? I’ll be flying out to Ontario and driving back. I’ll be visiting family and friends for two weeks. Because I am flying one way, I also have to pay attention to what can go in the cabin with me and what I have to check in with my luggage. I will have one checked suitcase and one carry-on. The checked luggage has a weight restriction of 50lbs (23kgs) and I have to bring my clothes too. My art supplies (minus the book) will have to be packed in the checked suitcase-I use a utility knife to sharpen my pencils so that can’t be carried on. The water brush might be OK but the sketchbooks are coil binding and may or may not be allowed. I don’t want to find out when I go through security. So basically most of my stuff will be in the checked baggage, so we will see what fits and what doesn’t when I pack.

There are a lot of supplies that I want to take, but here is what I have narrowed it down too (on paper):
- Sketch pencils;
- watercolour pencils and crayons;
- water brush;
- coloured pencils and blending brush;
- two sketch books – one is about 6 x 18” and the other is about 4 x 5
- an art book I am reading (the one I will be conducting workshops on for the ArtBookWorkshop group)
- maybe another book I just got out of the library, Painting Weathered Buildings – Claudia Nice. I’m attempting to follow the current workshop being offered on the ArtBookWorkshop group.
- Plus all my non-art stuff.

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jerseytjej said...

Only one bag allowed? Wow the restrictions are unreal, now. I traveled with a sketch book but forgot I had folding scissors in my coin purse...luckily, noone saw them on the xray either! I have learned my lesson, it is for my own safety.