Monday, 9 June 2008

Watercolour Technique

This is a little painting that I did just for fun. I used 140lbs hot press
paper a
nd wet the entire surface. I then splattered on some colours. When that was dry I applied some liquid mask. After the mask dried, I splattered on some more paint. I let that layer dry and then did some more splattering. I used a spray bottle to soften the…um…splats…so they wouldn’t have a hard edge.
I continued on in this manner letting each layer of mask and each layer of paint dry.

This is an extremely messy process and including the drying time was a long process. I did use the hair dryer on occasion but mostly let the layers dry on their own.On the last layer of mask, I removed some and then added more making sure to cross over some of the areas I just removed. After the last layer of splattering was dry, I lightly brushed on some green to get rid of the white. Once that layer was dry, I removed all the masking.

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GlasYsgrifen said...

You're so talented! Your art is very eye catching!