Sunday, 11 May 2008

Competitions – What do jurors look for?

Well, today is the day for the paintings for the Central Alberta Zone Show are juried. The paintings that receive an award are sent on to the Alberta Wide Show. What do jurors look for when they are reviewing a painting? I did a little research in some old magazines that I have and on the internet and here is a listing of some of the things that may influence the juror (not in any particular order):
· Drawing skills
· Shapes, patterns, values, colours and good design
· Creative use of the medium used
· Texture enhance/detract from the painting
· Edges used-soft, hard, lost/found
· Effective darks, lights and shadows
· Atmospheric quality/mood
· Sense of time/place
· Artist’s knowledge of the subject
· Presented well-matting/framing
· Aesthetically pleasing

I will be going to the show tomorrow. The association is having a general meeting which I plan to attend. The juror will offer critiques of the works for the artists present and I hope to have at least one of my paintings critiqued. I have also volunteered to help release the paintings back to the individual artists.

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