Monday, 21 April 2008

Inspiration – Where does it come from?

Where do you draw your inspiration? I get my inspiration from many things from the conventional sources of books, nature, and other artists; and from unconventional sources such as spills. I have a really great copy of a design of a spill on a bus shelter wall. I do NOT want to know what was spilled nor how it got there, but the design it made was great! I get drawn (pun not intended) to things with a textural quality-bark on a tree, designs carved into masks, the facets of jewels.

Learning new techniques also inspire me. One of the groups I belong to
Art Techniques has a folder of Monthly Art Techniques supplied to the group’s members. This is mainly an altered art group. I’m not real good at altered art, although I have tried, but I take some of the techniques provided and try to adapt them to my painting style and chosen subject matter.

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