Friday, 7 March 2008

Website Tips

I just finished reading an article in this month’s (March 2008) edition of The Artist’s Magazine-Top of the Web by Lisa Hazen. She uses the sites of 5 artists and says there is “something to learn from each of them”. Ms. Hazen critiques these sites and points out what works and why it works for each of the artists.

She has some great tips, some of which I plan to use in my website which is currently under development.

The sites that she reviewed are:


Faye said...

What a varied group of artists! I enjoyed checking out their websites and seeing their beautiful works. The sites are really very different from each other. I guess one's personality comes into play when designing a website from scratch. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

paint1chris said...

Faye, I love to hear from you. As you say one's personality plays a big part in designing a web.