Saturday, 22 March 2008

Competitions – I Did It!

So OK, I actually did it. I entered a competition!

Maybe I should have practiced putting entry forms in the mail. Who knew that just doing that would be so nerve wrecking? Anyway, it’s in the mail…I can’t get it back. I can go back to breathing now.

This contest is one I came across just recently. I subscribe to a free online magazine Canadian Brushstroke Magazine. I sort of blew my criterion out of the water by entering this competition as it is not a juried show and it has a short deadline-the entry form must be RECEIVED in their office by March 30. The subject is “Flowers, Gardens, Still Life”. The paintings must have been completed within the past 2 years. I went through my paintings and the two that I entered are below. The Sunflowers are Mixed Media-Acrylic, Tissue Paper and Sand. The Scottish Urn is Watercolour on Gesso.

So yesterday I got to work and prepared the CD and entry form. I almost blew my chances by not reading the rules well. On second check I realized that I had not prepared cover of the CD properly. Lesson Learned-Read the Rules don’t just gloss over them!


alteredmymuse said...

Whoa! Excellent choices. I haven't seen the competition but looks like you should definitely be in the running. Best of luck with it!


Faye said...

Really lovely! You are quite an artist!