Friday, 28 March 2008

Competitions – Naming Artwork

This topic has come up in a couple of my groups this month. Do you give your pieces titles? How do you come up with a name? Why name them? How can you think of interesting titles?

I generally name my work. I pick pretty lame names too, depicting what the subject matter is-Sunflowers; Scottish Urn; Copper Jar-rather than thinking up a really good name. So my mission for the Alberta Zone Competition is to give my work interesting yet meaningful (to the painting) names. I am entering three paintings in this show. I have originally named them-Watercolour Jewels; Pottery Jars and Copper Jar. Thanks to Geoffrey in my group The Artists Den I have a really good name for my Copper Jar painting. It is now renamed First Discovery. This title relates to the goal I had for what I wanted that particular painting to reflect-that of a copper jar found at an archaeology site.

So now I have to think of interesting names for the other two pieces. Here are some websites that offer tips on naming work.

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Faye said...

I have trouble naming pieces of art too. I wish I could be more creative with titling. Good luck.