Saturday, 16 February 2008

I've got a new brush!

A momentous occasion you ask? Well, for me it is. This new brush is replacing one I had for over twenty years. My favourite! I’m sure I used it for every watercolour I did. My old brush isn’t going into the garbage though; I will hold onto it and use it for washes only. It wasn’t an expensive brush. It was just the best brush I could afford to buy at the time.

My new brush is a 14 round synthetic. It’s replacing a 12 round natural hair. Did you know that a number 12 natural hair and a number 12 synthetic brush are not the same size? Synthetic brushes are generally two sizes smaller than natural hair brushes. So a number 12 natural hair is the same size as a number 14 synthetic.

Take care of your brushes, whether they are natural hair or synthetic. You can use hair conditioner on them if they start to look a little dried out. If they are a little frizzled you can also bring them back to a point using Gum Arabic. Dip them in the Gum Arabic and point them up, let dry for a few days and then rinse the Gum Arabic off. This doesn’t work in all cases, but it’s worth a try.

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