Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Competitions - My Criteria

Well, I’ve looked over a few of the submission requirements for some of the competitions I discovered. Some are so far out of my expertise or the deadline for submission is too close. I figure I need to determine what my criteria are for which competitions to consider and what my goals are.

To start with, I think I will restrict myself to two juried shows for this year. So my goal is very simple. Just be accepted to the shows.

I am going so far out of my comfort zone just by trying for competitions there’s no need to add extra pressure on myself by trying something new at the same time. So my fist criterion is that it must be in a medium I work in and a subject or theme that I am comfortable with.

I need thinking time to work out a plan of what I am going to do so the deadline must be a minimum of 6 months away. I also am pretty good at procrastinating so I don’t want the dead line to be more than twelve months away or I will keep thinking I have lots of time. Depending on the medium I use, I need time for the painting to cure before sealing it.

If there is a submission fee it cannot be over $50 each for a total of $100. I want to keep my financial risk at a minimum.

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