Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Competitions - Artists' Statements

On the competition trail I found that I am in need of an artist’s statement. I had written one before about ten years ago for a continuing education assignment. But within the past ten years, I have changed, my artwork has changed and my audience has changed, so I guess it is time for my artist statement to change.

Of course, before I do anything, I research it. I check out other artists’ statements just to get a feel for what is expected and how the other artists are handling this. I also check out “how-to” Internet sites. There are some great sites out there that:
1. Explain the need for an artist’s statement, and
2. How to go about writing your statement.

Here are some that I found.

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Belinda Manning said...

Hi Chris,
Of course someone is reading your blog! ME. And I enjoy it. Thanks for the references on the artist statement. I too have struggled/continue to struggle with this. Your "finds" have really helped. Thanks