Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Work in Progress - Part 4

I did some work on this painting over the past few days. I have now completed part of the brooch in the bottom left. I also continued to work on the brooch in the bottom right. I have defined some of the filigree work. Over all, I am pleased with how this it turning out.


Susan Sager Brown said...

Wow, that is really beautiful. What skill, what detail! Thank you also for the links to art you tubes. I've bookmarked you!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Wow, really beautiful work. Thank you for the youtube links. I'll come visit again!

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment over at glue monkey. I am recently retired and I now have time to indulge my creative side. I love the brooch painting you are doing. I had to look twice, at first I thought it was a photo. I will put you in my favorites. I had to move my's now at