Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Videos on the Internet

I have recently been introduced to videos available for free through such sites as YouTube. So why haven’t I heard of this before? I knew YouTube existed, but I thought that was just a place for your vacation videos and stuff. I never even thought that they had educational videos available. I never even thought that you could view free art videos in the comfort of your own home, over the Internet!

So that led me to do a search through my browser. There are lots of art videos out there. Some are really good and some not so good. You depend on the ability of the artist making the video, the quality of the video itself, the quality of the audio both during recording and over your own speakers. Professionals make some of the videos some are made by amateurs.

Here are some of the sites that I liked:


There are lots more out there. Go check some of them out.


faye said...

Thanks for the links. I didn't realize there was so much to view free. I just watched one video that was very helpful.

paint1chris said...

Faye, I'm glad you found them useful. It was new to me finding all these videos. I will be checking them out from now on!