Sunday, 6 January 2008

A Tale of Two Sunflowers

I had to develop a painting for a class I was offering on Mixed Media. I wanted it to be simple and easy to do. I had worked with painting with tissue paper before and thought that would be an easy class. I first took sand and sprinkled it on the centre of the sunflowers and then using watercolour I painted the browns. I then painted white tissue paper yellow and orange of the petals. After gluing them down, I started on the background. I just tore and scrunched the tissue and glued it down in sections. I then painted the paper.

I like the result, but this isn’t the one I used for my class. The glue took a long time to dry and the total time to create this painting took way longer than the two hours I had planned for. So I was back to the beginning.

I still liked the tissue paper idea and I liked the composition of the sunflowers. My second piece was a lot faster to create. This time, I used acrylics for the sunflowers only the rest is just the colour of the tissue paper used.

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