Sunday, 27 January 2008

Review of Goals

My blog is a month old! And 2008 is almost a month old! Time does fly.

Anyway, it is time to review my blog goals.
Goal 1 - was to have my have my blog listed as a “signature” to all my emails. This part of goal 1 has been done. The second part of goal 1 was to have my blogs URL listed on all my marketing material by January 15. This has been done on all but one piece. So I will move my due date for that one piece to February 15.
Goal 2 - I will start to post more Works in Progress. I have met this goal although not to the degree that I wanted. I worded the goal vaguely. I will post “more” Works in Projects. Well at the time I wrote this goal all I had to do was post one work in progress and that qualified as “more”.
So, I am rewording my goal number 2.
New goal: I will post 1 Work in Progress a month and I will follow it through to completion within 30 days. Notice, I said I will complete it within 30 days. That does not necessarily mean that I will complete it within the month it was posted. I will know this has been done by checking the dates on what was posted and the date on which I finished the Work in Progress.
Goal 3 - So OK, I’m still a bit anal. I can live with that. I did say I would post at least 3 times a month-which I exceeded that!

As for my other art goals.

I worked on my website yesterday. Here is a screen print of the first page. I decided to mimic my blog site.

I also spent some time cleaning my studio. I had to. I couldn’t see my desk top any more. Here is a photo of half the room clean and half the room not clean.

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Anonymous said...

I like that...BLOG goals. Never would have thought of that.