Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Spark of an Idea

The painting that I posted at the top of my blog (Earrings) is from a series of paintings I did using my grandmother’s jewellery. I first started this series when I had a night school assignment to create a picture using two of three techniques; luminescence, lustre, and iridescence.

I remember sitting on my couch watching a baseball game when something sparkly caught my eye. It was one of my grandmother’s brooches that I had taken off earlier. It was sitting on my end table with the light shinning down on it. That spark of reflected light was the beginning of my series. To date, I have done seven paintings in this series-5 oil and 2 watercolour mixed media. I am working on two more; one watercolour and the other an acrylic mixed media.

Below are the exercises I did prior to starting this series along with the three corresponding final pictures.

1 comment:

SweetLA said...

Isn't it incredible how that one sparkle from the light shining down on a piece of your grandmother's pin started you on a whole new life path?

That is more than just coincidence I would say. A Godcidence, perhaps?