Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Family Jewels

In these two paintings of my “Family Jewels” series I had the challenge of painting metal. They are both oil. One painting has a pearl in the centre and the other painting is strictly metal of various types/colours. These are not big paintings - 6 x 8 inches and 8 x 10 inches. The small painting’s focal point is one earring about the size of a quarter. I put the jewellery on my scanning bed and scanned various images, then made my thumbnail sketches and then painted.

I have a chart for mixing various metals suitable for oil and/or acrylic. If you are interested, please contact me at and I will send a copy to you.


SweetLA said...

Chris, you have managed to capture the depth and the timelss beauty in your paintings of your grandmother's very fine gemstones.

You have been blessed with a most wonderful gift, and I am thrilled that you are sharing it with others in your teachings.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Jan Flood said...

Hi Chris, I love your painting of the earrings. I'd like to have your chart mentioned above. Thanks! Jan