Friday, 28 December 2007

Artistic Internet Groups

I feel that there is a lot to be learned in art including techniques, styles and interesting tips and how other artists are working. There are just as many ways to learn the techniques as there are techniques; books, classes, art clubs, talking with other artists and Internet groups.

Internet groups are a safe and inexpensive way to learn from others. Not all styles and groups are to my liking but each and every one of them has something to offer. I am a member of four groups and for me this may be too many. I am actively involved with two, sporadically involved with one and a lurker in one.

If you haven’t looked at internet groups, I urge you to do so. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

These are the four groups I currently belong to:
Acrylic Artists is a member’s only group for collage and mixed media artists interested in learning more about acrylic paints; acrylic media and discuss and try out some new techniques. It is a small but fun group.

Art Techniques is a large group (over 1000 members) that is for mixed media artists. Trying and sharing of techniques is encouraged. I have found that this is mainly an “altered art” type of site. This group does swaps. I’m not a swapper. The techniques offered are still excellent and can be used for any type of mixed media art.

Glue Books “are a cross between art journals and collage”. This was the first group that I joined. Doing these journals is really great and relaxing. I do not have to put a lot of thought into doing this art work.

Experimental Media Painting discuss creative techniques, such as layering to create complex levels of transparent and translucent depths and lifting and scraping to create texture and reveal under paintings.

Do you have any groups you would like to share?

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